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Know the difference between Hot Wax & Strip Wax?

Strip wax is where you put wax on with a spatula, then put a strip of waxing paper on top of it & pull it off. Hot wax is where you put the wax on quite thickly, wait for the wax to cool down & pull the wax off. On sensitive areas, it’s much less painful than strip wax and if you’ve never tried it, you’ll be amazed at how much less it hurts!

We use very high quality branded waxes that will give you a very comfortable and effective treatment.

Our clients tell us that we are among the very best hot wax salons they have ever been to, so you can be sure you’re in safe hands.

'The Best Wax in London' - Katie Watson

Are your eyes tightly shut, teeth clenched and toes curled? You haven't had an Amara wax before!!

If waxing feels like being 6 years old again and that demon dinner lady who rips off that 4 day old plaster, you are most certainly not getting waxed at the right venue.

Amara Spa has highly trained and experienced waxologists who use the most tried and tested premium hot and strip waxes that keeps our wax clients coming back again and again...even leaving reviews saying that 'it is virtually pain free!'


To book your treatment with us please either give us a call on
020 7384 9111 or book online here.

Lip and chin hot wax - £27

Brow shape - £17

Back Wax - £30

Chest wax - £30

Back and chest wax - £56

Stomach wax - £16

Back of Thighs - £17

Bikini Standard hot wax - £23

G – String Hot wax - £32

Brazilian Hot wax - £40

Hollywood Hot wax - £43

1/2 Leg wax - Lower leg £29/Upper Leg £31

1/2 Arm Wax - £20

1/2 Leg & Standard Bikini Hot Wax - £44

1/2 Leg & G- string - £48

1/2 Leg & Brazilian Hot Wax - £63

1/2 Leg & Hollywood - £63

1/2 Leg and underarm Hot wax - £42

Full Arm Wax - £33

Under Arm Hot Wax - £22

Under Arm Strip Wax - £17

Full Leg Wax - £47

Full Leg and underarm - £50

Full Leg & Bikini Hot Wax - £54

Full Leg & G – String - £58

Full Leg & Brazilian Hot Wax - £67

Full leg & Hollywood - £72

This is a small sample of our popular waxing services. Please call for prices of combinations and multiple areas of waxing - 0207 384 9111.

SPECIAL OFFER: Buy a course of 5 waxes - get the 6th for FREE!

Professional and efficient

'I recently deviated from my regular Amara waxing routine to go to a salon closer to work – just for convenience and to see what it was like. There is a reason I am now back at Amara! Their service is always friendly, professional and efficient and their therapists impeccable in carrying out their treatments. Until I leave London, I will NEVER go anywhere else!'

-Emma Jones

The Best Wax in London

'Lovely back massage – such a treat to also have a heated blanket. One of the best massages that I have had. I also come to Amara Spa for my waxing and it is almost painless! The best wax in London (and I have had a lot!).'

-Katie Watson

Huge Fan of Amara Spa

'I'm a huge fan of Amara Spa and have been for about four years now. Started off just having my waxing done there (where they introduced me to hot wax which makes the whole thing so much less painful). I now have everything done there - nails, facials and waxing.'


Less Painful Than My Regular Place

'I was recommended Amara spa for waxing and found them much better and much less painful than my regular place. I just go to Amara now all the time and have started having facials there.'


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